Construction Traffic & Safety

Construction often necessitates detours, delays, road closures and parking and pathway changes that will impact the way our faculty, students, staff, and visitors get around on campus. 

Your safety is our number one concern, and we want to remind everyone to be especially cautious and careful around construction areas, watching out for your safety and the safety of those around you.   We recommend the following ideas that each of us can take to increase safety around construction sites:

  • Remove headphones and avoid texting in construction areas
  • Walk your bike in areas with a heavy concentration of pedestrians
  • Stay on pathways and avoid walking or biking in the streets where construction vehicles travel
  • Cross only in designated crossing areas
  • Don’t cross or enter restricted areas
  • Watch for flaggers’ direction
  • Watch for trucks and trailers and give all construction vehicles ample space to navigate into and out of construction areas
  • Immediately report any potentially unsafe situation to Rose DeBono

For more information, contact Rose DeBono, Capital Projects Manager 541-737-8408.

This map identifies the major projects underway (marked in orange) and the construction truck routes (marked in green). Flaggers will be posted to help direct traffic (marked by flagger icons). Pedestrian Access routes (marked in purple) have been established at key crossings and intersections. [Full-screen map] [Printable map]